Monday, July 6, 2009


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It was pleasant morning when we started to lesser known hoysal tour organised by my good friend lakshmi and arun. First stop was doddagaddvalli, temple is located on the banks of nice lake and it was picturesq setting to feel, more than to take a ideal picture. Temple is mostly intact and is nice serene place without any crowd.
Later in the afternoon after lunch we went to belur and as usual it was class act of hoysala.
On 5th July we had a coffee tour in bikod estate and it was nice. I learnt rain water harvesting in estate which was new to me. I thought rain water harvesting is only of homes and never thought it can be for large estate.

Post breakfast we visited Belavadi which was also in very nice and best part is the drive through lush green fields and colourful sunflower fields. Temple per say it was nice but i felt the temple is packed in between the village homes, not located on bank of a water body which is what i am programmed to look for, but the garbha gudi had nice energy.
Later we visited Hulikere- bathtub of natyarani shantala. Should have been in great sight when she was really bathing there thanks to my imagination. Nevertheless it is cute little pond.

Dwarasamura is in 100% ruins and raised to ground century's ago.But the sad part is thought of ASI to have mayura kstdc in beween Beautiful hoysaleswara. What a sight it would have been if people come and see the ruins and later visit the hoysaleswara temple and followed by the lake. One could have visualized the grandeur of dwarasamudra in its d day's.
We visited hoysaleswara later, it must have been my 15 + visit. We visited Basti halli, pre Hinduism of hoysal architecture.But one thing was certain for me was even though Jainism was there in these temples in the santam satorims but circumference of the temple had complete stories of Hinduism. So i see conflict of one's religion which is superficial(outside) and inner soul remain the same, like present day conversions too. Like people going to church with agarbattis.
What i am saying here is that human mind is same today too. We get bored in one ritual which is old and we get attracted to other just because it is in Vogue. this implies to everthing in life for a man. He is always curious to try new things but the journey continues in experimenting, till he end, when feels that all are tricks of this mind.
I thinks as usual i have gone a bit too much philosophical in this. But the tour was good nicely executed.
Kudos to Lakshmi and Arun and looking forward for more.


  1. Nice try mate... you have breezed through the trip....perhaps if you had detailed more about the temple locations & approach it would have been better

  2. Nice lil write up summing up the 2 days Sashi,